Our Achievements
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Our Achievements

Recent Professional Tax Advice Adding Value and Reducing Tax for Our Clients :

  • Correctly apply the complex “Small Business CGT Concessions” to reduce client tax liability 

The case was quite complex, involving many business structures. The client had previously received the wrong advice from two accounting firms, who had both calculated the Capital Gains Tax to be around $1.5 million on the disposal of assets.
Karva Wong & Co. correctly calculated the capital Gains Tax, substantially reducing our client's tax liability. This was supported by ATO private ruling verification.

  • Successful submission of the interpretation of the Australian Federal Government Economic Stimulus Package to the Industrial Relations Commission of New South Wales on behalf of Unions NSW/Australian Labour Party
  • Applying the latest superannuation legislation to tax plan effectively for our clients

By commencing an “Account Based Pension” for our client’s investments, our client was able to enjoying tax free income and tax free capital gains.
Karva Wong & Co. specialise in superannuation tax advice that is often the domain of the larger accounting firms.

  • Constructive effective tax planning to help client achieve asset protection and Land Tax minimalization for our clients’ property portfolios

We achieved this by applying professional knowledge in tax planning and the use of correct tax structures.

  • Our clients often comment they should have engaged our services sooner after changing from their previous accountant, due to the effective strategies we plan and instigate for them.
  • We always strive to see things and solve problems that other average accountants may lack knowledge on.

For a small firm, we are class leaders, in that our expertise borders and compares to bigger medium size and larger professional accounting practices.
Please do not hesitate to call upon us for any of your tax and business queries.

正 确应用“小型企业资本收益税特许权”条例减少客户税务至零 此案例因涵盖多种商业形式而较为复杂。两家中型会计师事务所曾提供给该客户错误建议,以至于客户需交付约$150万资本收益税。本会计事务所以深厚的专业 税务知识,正确计算出客户的税务支出为零。因其特殊复杂的性质,本案例的解决方案得到了澳洲税务局的特别认证,致使客户免去了$150万的不必要税费。


应用最新的退休金法律条例,为客户有效的策划税务计划 应用“会计制退休金”形式为客户投资,使得客户可以享受无税费收入和无税费资本收益。本会计师事务所专长与退休金税务咨询,此项业务通常只有大型会计师事务所才有能力涵盖。

组建有效的税务结构保护客户财产,同时使客户的房产投资组合享受“免除地价税特权”。 此案例的成功基于本会计师事务所在税务计划方面丰富的专业知识。




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